St. Elizabeth brings Mayo Clinic care to NKY

Northern Kentucky is now connected to one of the country's top hospitals.
St. Elizabeth Healthcare is partnering with the Mayo Clinic as a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network. The network, which is just over a year old, allows St. Elizabeth specialists to consult with Mayo Clinic specialists through electronic collaboration and information sharing tools.

That means St. Elizabeth patients receive the expert care of the Mayo Clinic at no extra cost, without having to travel outside the region.
"We've always been very focused on quality and how to improve the patient experience," says John Dubis, CEO of St. Elizabeth Healthcare. "After health care reform, we thought it was important to connect with other like-minded organizations that could take that focus on quality even further." 
St. Elizabeth is the first healthcare system in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network, and the tenth member of the network nationwide. In Greater Cincinnati, St. Elizabeth will be the exclusive member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.
Dubis expects the partnership to raise the bar for patient care in the tri-state region.
"Because of the collaboration that we'll have with Mayo to consult with experts on all cases, particularly the most difficult cases, it will improve patient outcomes greatly," he says. 
The presence of a Mayo Clinic Care Network in the region should be a boon for businesses, too. 
"Great education, great health care, and great transportation are three things businesses look for, and while we've been very attractive in terms of health care needs, I believe this will be an extra incentive for businesses to locate in Northern Kentucky," Dubis says. 
Learn more about St. Elizabeth's membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network here.
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