It doesn’t get much more quaintly picturesque than the quiet riverside town of Ludlow. Located along Highway 8 in northwestern Kenton County, Ludlow offers ample opportunities for enterprise and fun on the river, which factors prominently in the town’s history and economy. It's easily accessed from Cincinnati via I-75/Covington and the nearby Anderson Ferry.  
Taverns and eateries that once provided respite for traveling boatmen are experiencing a renaissance as revelers from all over Greater Cincinnati flock to more offbeat spots like the popular Ludlow-Bromley Yacht Club.
Affordable cost of living and plentiful green spaces make Ludlow an increasingly attractive option for families. On summer nights the air is thick with barbeque smoke and the crack of baseball bats from nearby parks, which range from untouched nature to fully outfitted playgrounds. Available real estate includes historic homes, multi-unit buildings, condos, townhouses and commercial properties with substantial acreage.

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