Feature Story Sergio Gutierrez helps run Gutierrez Deli in Covington.

On the Ground: Covington's growing Latino community

Covington is home to about 2,220 Latino residents, a little over 5 percent of the population, according to 2018 estimates. When the new census figures are tallied, that number is expected to grow.

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Sticks, stones, pixels, and ink: local architects use digital tools to shape the built environment

Designers have access to more technology than ever to facilitate digital collaboration, but — at times — they still rely on the basics.

Feature Story Randolph Park, on Covington's Eastside is named after Dr. James Randolph, a pioneering physician who was the first African American to professionally provide medical aid to African Americans in Northern Kentucky.

On the Ground: A tale of two neighborhoods

Covington's Eastside and Westside neighborhoods, which have been traditionally separated by race, are working to change their stories.

Feature Story Brother Paul Quenon

A monk shares his lessons from a life of quiet contemplation

Social distancing is new to many of us, but for Brother Paul Quenon, it’s been his life for 61 years.

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Home with your kids? Make the most of it.

Liz McEwan, regular contributor and homeschooling mom with four children, shares her survival tips for the upcoming weeks.

Feature Story Brit Fitzpatrick leads Tri-ED's Blue North entrepreneurship program.

Blue North's mission is to build a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem in Northern Kentucky

Northern Kentucky Tri-ED created Blue North to help startups and small businesses find the connections, mentors and funding they need to succeed.

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“Fifty yards from heaven:” Lhotshampa immigrants are slowly building a home community here

Approximately 25,000 refugees now live in the region. Ethnic Nepalese, who lived in Bhutan but were forced to leave their homes because of ethnic cleansing, are one of the largest groups.

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Another downtown hotel? Architects discuss hospitality market growth.

Marquee brands and boutique suites are evolving to appeal to guests' ever-changing travel needs while attracting locals as well.

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