Feature Story Steven Hill and Jennifer Kelly own a 150-year-old home in Lewisburg.

Will tiny Lewisburg become 'collateral damage' in the bridge debate?

Investment in the Covington neighborhood has continued, even grown, despite longstanding plans for a new bridge that would take out part of the neighborhood.  Some doubt the new span will ever be built.

Feature Story Doo-Little-List.jpg

Tending the fire: After serving time, he now serves up home-cooked barbeque at the Bellevue VFW

The Doo-Little’s Shack & Snacks truck is a labor of love for Fields and his wife. It’s also a way for them to give back to the community.  

Feature Story gravity

After its breakneck growth from Covid-19 testing, what's next for Gravity Diagnostics?

After responding to extraordinary demand for Covid-19 testing, the growth at Gravity Diagnostics was phenomenal. So what does it do for an encore?   

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Who cares about good design?

The rapid evolution of neuroscience and evidence-based design provides new insights into how architecture impacts human health and wellness.  

Feature Story cities

After the pandemic and racial upheaval, this group saw cities as the solution, not the problem

The cataclysmic events of 2020 threatened to unwind years of progress for the nation's cities. Some dedicated urbanists here decided to shape a new narrative. 

Feature Story Covid-19 testing at UC Health's Precision Medicine Lab.

When Covid-19 struck, small manufacturers, threatened with survival, innovated to stay healthy

Faced with the medical and economic crisis, they changed course and adapted to meet the needs of their communities, and discover new opportunities.

Feature Story Instructor Austin Bartle and student Jaden McConnell.

School of Rock is like playing team sports, only with guitars and drums

A former restaurant space that was vacant for years has been transformed into 10,000 square feet of rehearsal and performance space. Now it’s time to rock.

Feature Story PromoWest Pavilion features a mural by Miami artist Hoxxoh.

Ready to rock whenever the world is ready

The region's newest music venue, PromoWest Pavilion at Ovation, is ready to open. We talk to PromoWest's CEO about the timetable for concerts, the bands, and live music in the pandemic era.

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