Feature Story Kentuckian Roula Allouch is chair of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

"Beneath her warm personality beats the heart of a lion"

Kentuckian Roula Allouch has steered the Council on American-Islamic Relations through challenging times over the last five years. 

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Forever home? Residential architects reimagine and improve domestic livability

The pandemic has changed how we live and what we need to function in our personal spaces. Here are some ideas from the design world.

Feature Story The John A. Roebling Bridge has been standing for 154 years.

The John A. Roebling Bridge: Fixing a national historic landmark takes time and patience

How do you repair a 154-year-old historic landmark and symbol of civic pride that stands exposed to temperamental weather 24 hours day?

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Social service agency expands its traditional role to champion social justice

The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission has taken on the charge to give voice to the voiceless, working to arm people with the tools to succeed, not only in life, but also in systemic reform.  

Feature Story Wallace LeMaster, Florence paramedic

'I’ve learned that it’s OK to slow down, take time, and take a breath.' Lessons from the pandemic

How well we did in the fight against Covid-19 will be debated for some time. But the disease changed us all – in our behavior, attitudes, work life and family.

Feature Story NKYAffordableHousingList.jpg

From projects to promise: The fall of area housing projects shows the need for affordable options

Originally designed to provide homes to working-class residents of all races, it wasn't until the passage of the Housing Act of 1949 that the projects began to house only the poorest minority communities.

Feature Story ethos labs

How one small, high-tech lab adapted when the pandemic changed everything

As the Covid-19 pandemic swept the region and the country, Ethos researchers developed tests for the viral infection to help schools, nursing homes, and other facilities keep operating.

Feature Story Dr. Julia Carter founded Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory 40 years ago.

Independent lab in the heart of Newport has been fighting cancer for 40 years

Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory has been probing the root causes of the most deadly forms of the disease, as well as educating the next generation.

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