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After the pandemic and racial upheaval, this group saw cities as the solution, not the problem

The cataclysmic events of 2020 threatened to unwind years of progress for the nation's cities. Some dedicated urbanists here decided to shape a new narrative. 

Feature Story Covid-19 testing at UC Health's Precision Medicine Lab.

When Covid-19 struck, small manufacturers, threatened with survival, innovated to stay healthy

Faced with the medical and economic crisis, they changed course and adapted to meet the needs of their communities, and discover new opportunities.

Feature Story Instructor Austin Bartle and student Jaden McConnell.

School of Rock is like playing team sports, only with guitars and drums

A former restaurant space that was vacant for years has been transformed into 10,000 square feet of rehearsal and performance space. Now it’s time to rock.

Feature Story PromoWest Pavilion features a mural by Miami artist Hoxxoh.

Ready to rock whenever the world is ready

The region's newest music venue, PromoWest Pavilion at Ovation, is ready to open. We talk to PromoWest's CEO about the timetable for concerts, the bands, and live music in the pandemic era.

Feature Story DrGlassList.jpg

Your mental health toolbox: How our needs have changed this year

The pandemic has brought to light the stark, systemic inequalities women and caregivers face in our country.  

Feature Story Kentuckian Roula Allouch is chair of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

"Beneath her warm personality beats the heart of a lion"

Kentuckian Roula Allouch has steered the Council on American-Islamic Relations through challenging times over the last five years. 

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Forever home? Residential architects reimagine and improve domestic livability

The pandemic has changed how we live and what we need to function in our personal spaces. Here are some ideas from the design world.

Feature Story The John A. Roebling Bridge has been standing for 154 years.

The John A. Roebling Bridge: Fixing a national historic landmark takes time and patience

How do you repair a 154-year-old historic landmark and symbol of civic pride that stands exposed to temperamental weather 24 hours day?

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