Video laurenhood

& Co. [VIDEO] featuring Lauren Hood about equitable development and inclusive growth

& Co. episode seven features Lauren Hood from Deep Dive Detroit who leads dialogues and initiatives around equitable development and inclusive growth.

Feature Story Residents want more paved trails, like this one in Devou Park.

Dogs, canoes, trails, and trees: The public has spoken

Covington’s parks are open, but playgrounds, pools, and shelters are closed due to Covid-19 pandemic. But the long-term planning goes on.

Feature Story regal theater

There's a stadium going up in the West End, but an old theater could be just as vital

A critical step is establishing a lively business district in the West End begins with the Regal Theater, one of many theaters that breathed life into Cincinnati.

Video andCo Sean Suder

& Co. [VIDEO] featuring Sean Suder and COVID-19's impact on zoning and regulation

Yard & Company's video series episode six features Sean Suder from Calfee Zoning discussing the pandemic's impact on city zoning and regulations.

Feature Story AlMillerArmyList.jpg

The rise of Nazi Germany: Part two, as told by a local Holocaust survivor

In the second part of this story, Dr. Al Miller talks about his family’s escape from Germany after Kristallnacht. Although he has shared his experience many times, he feels it is important now, as the country faces rising COVID cases, civil unrest, and the use of Nazi symbols to promote the current administration.

Feature Story TiaBrownList.jpg

Making residents’ voices heard in the West End

Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses and The Port of Greater Cincinnati are working to keep current residents from being displaced.

Feature Story dixie highway

A march down Dixie Highway and the making of an activist

For Chris Brown, a rising activist associated with the Black Lives Matter movement in Northern Kentucky, the priorities are getting people registered to vote, improving the diversity of city councils and school boards, and building understanding among the races.

Video tommypacello

& Co. [VIDEO] featuring Tommy Pacello re: district management

Yard & Company's video series focuses on COVID-19 and the impact on cities. Episode four features Memphis Medical District's, Tommy Pacello speaking about the future of outdoor living to the power of the front porch.

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Coping with COVID-19

How the Northern Kentucky region is pivoting in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by coming together to raise funds, helping those who need it the most, innovating solutions, and creating ways to keep us sane using our steady, good-humored resolve. #IMGCOVID19

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