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Stories of our time: Here's our best-read pieces of 2021

In 2021, we covered the stories that shed light on who we are. We kept our eyes on new ideas, new people, and the changing landscape we live in.

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'Your body, your choice.' A piercing artist teaches the notion of consent

The #MeToo movement brought to light the many ways that people can be violated. One local piercing artist is making sure that kids know it’s ok to say “no.”

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The Ohio River Recreation Trail promotes geotourism and economies in river cities in three states

A coalition of outdoor enthusiasts and advocates is working to promote the river and its communities as sources of healthy recreation and economic opportunities.

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The Entrepreneurial City: Where ideas, networks, and connections thrive

New ideas take root in cities, where the networks and connections exist to test those concepts, attract talented people, find partners and customers, and grow.

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City Heights residents: 'Where are we all supposed to live?'

About 66% of low-income Kentuckians spend more than half of their income on housing. The problem is even worse in Northern Kentucky because of higher rents and a lack of affordable housing.  

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Rage rooms, ax throwing and meditation: Stressful times demand new ways to blow off a little steam

Weary of “juggling projects,” “spinning lots of plates,” “climbing the corporate ladder” or just stressed out? There's help for that.

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The Public City: Why public spaces are essential to our physical, political, and social health

The quality of a city’s public places – its parks, streets, trails, commons and greens – are increasingly considered a barometer of the quality of life in an urban area.

Partner Content Students at the Miami University Design Build Studio

Designing with community: Does engagement matter?

Professional architects believe that they have a responsibility to make a positive impact on society, specifically through equitable and inclusive engagement.

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