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Vets welcomed to ease transition to civilian life and find work in a tight labor market

With an economy booming in the fields of aviation, high-tech, and logistics, Northern Kentucky would benefit from an infusion of military experience.

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The Philanthropic City: Sharing the wealth to build strong communities

Philanthropists have built and sustained this region, funding the arts, improving the quality of life, and expanding health care and education. Can they respond to changing community needs? 

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When the helpers need help: New methods for first responders to treat their own stress

The people we call for help may not ask for help themselves. But there's a growing awareness and options for treatment.  

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The Living City: What's being done to create and preserve affordable housing?

A coalition has emerged to bring attention, energy, awareness, and money to the affordable housing issue. It won’t happen overnight, but progress is being made.

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Touring The B-Line: Northern Kentucky's bourbon trail

Created by the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau, The B-Line includes five bourbon distilleries, as well as eight bars and six bourbon-centric restaurants.

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What does an architect do? It’s more than designing buildings.

Professionals complete training, a rigorous licensure process, and meet ongoing development requirements to ensure the design of our built environment is safe.

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The Green City: How one neighborhood is creating a model to fight climate change

Cincinnati's Lower Price Hill neighborhood is working to become Ohio’s first "climate-safe neighborhood" and drive public policy that is greener and more climate friendly. 

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Ten Northern Kentucky startups to watch in 2022

Keep an eye on these fast-growing companies in the year ahead and beyond.

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Weekend in the city: coffee and books

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