Kroger to invest $2.5 million in grants to upcycled food startups

Kroger Co. has called upcycled food “the next frontier,” and invited applicants to submit proposals that promote sourcing surplus food or food byproducts and manufacturing them into new consumer-facing products.


Winners will receive $100,000 in upfront seed grant funding with the possibility of getting an additional $100,000 based on the achievement of certain program milestones. At the end of the six-month milestone development period, two startups will be selected to receive $250,000.


“In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impacts, we are more determined than ever to direct as much food as possible to its highest purpose: feeding people,” says Denise Osterhues, president of The Kroger Co. Zero Hunger/Zero Waste Foundation. “We can no longer afford to waste surplus food at any level in our food system.”


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