Neighborhood Heroes: Bellevue's collective impact

The small town allure of Bellevue makes you forget downtown Cincinnati is less than two miles way across the river.

Family-owned establishments line Bellevue’s Fairfield Avenue as it follows the path of the Ohio River east from Newport, and neighbors greet each other by name as they purchase candies at Schneider’s Sweet Shop or grab coffee at Avenue Brew. Bellevue’s easy charm is no accident. It’s the result of deliberate effort from its exceedingly humble residents. 

Each person interviewed saw someone else in Bellevue as the real hero. They spoke of neighbors who helped a 95-year-old woman fix up her home, police officers who gained admiration through their inordinate kindness and a city councilman who created little free libraries.

Those anecdotes, as well as the stories of Bellevue heroes featured here, illustrate the collective impact that’s possible when everyone does his or her small part to create a vibrant community.

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