ADM chooses Northern Kentucky for tech talent

Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM) needed to increase investment in technology, as it was key to supporting the company’s growth strategies.

“The decision on where to locate our new technology center rested heavily on where we could find the talent,” explains Marty Schoenthaler, ADM’s chief information officer. 

Northern Kentucky was on ADM’s radar as it ranked third in a location search commissioned by the company.

Any evaluation of workforce talent must take into consideration both current skills levels and a future talent pipeline. With companies such as P&G, Toyota and GE located in the region, the skill level of the area was high.

“When you have an established pool of large multinational companies, experienced technical talent is attracted to the area,” says Schoenthaler.

There was also a lot of home-grown talent with more than 49 universities, colleges and technical schools located in the Greater Cincinnati metro area. The total enrollment for these academic institutions is nearly 300,000 with more than 51,000 graduates seeking advanced degrees.

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