Licking River Greenways Trail

The Licking River Greenway and Trails project is an ambitious Northern Kentucky effort to create an urban greenway and trail system from the mouth of the Licking River 5.2 miles south to the I-275 loop. 

Commissioned by Vision 2015 in 2009, the Licking River Master Plan proposes to establish a continuous green corridor and multi-purpose trail system adjacent to the communities of Newport, Covington, Wilder, and Taylor Mill. The master plan calls for the stabilization of the riverbanks, the removal of invasive species and the restoration of native plants, trees, and wildlife in the riparian corridor. As well as a multi-purpose trail system (paved, nature and water) that connects neighborhoods with historical, educational, and cultural institutions and recreational facilities. Instituting this type of comprehensive system is key to improving the health and wellness of community members and to enhancing Northern Kentucky's urban neighborhoods through increased economic growth and sustainability. 

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