Nexigen tech to make Newport first "smart city" in Midwest

Newport-based tech company Nexigen has announced a vision that includes installing smartLINK nodes – nine-foot carbon fiber structures emitting a canopy of super-fast wireless internet – at various points throughout the city.
The nodes will be connected to high-speed fiber optics, with Wi-Fi capabilities extending 30 to 300 miles from a single access point. Project leaders hope the system will streamline parking, trash collection and other municipal processes, while providing residents with a more connected, better informed day-to-day experience.
Newport will be among the first in the country to scale the technology, thanks to Nexigen's technology, which boasts a smaller scope and footprint than similar projects being undertaken by other U.S. cities.
“Most smart cities we are seeing are trying to help those without the means to afford fancy technology or high-speed internet access,” said Nexigen co-founder Jon Salisbury. “We have actionable steps we have taken which allow for these groups to gain access to internet and information about the community like jobs and current events.
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