Long-anticipated developments unfold in Newport

After much debate and waiting, several major developments have begun to take shape in Newport. Among them, a bike/walking trail, widening of a major thoroughfare, new housing options and a mixed-use riverfront complex.
Setbacks have long plagued several of those project, but organizers are confident they have found solutions and are ready to move forward.
The forthcoming mixed-use Ovation project, for one example, hinged on a $38 million expansion of Kentucky Route 9, which will funnel traffic toward the riverfront and out of the city’s residential neighborhoods.
With that project now underway, Ovation's development company, Corporex, can now move forward with the $1 billion development, which when finished will include 108 townhomes, 726 condos, 192 senior-housing units, 1.2 million square feet of office space, 300,000  square feet of retail space, a 3,000-seat venue, two hotels and 6,200 parking spaces.

“It’s a great year for development for the city,” says Greg Tulley, development services director for the City of Newport. “There’s a lot of interest in the area, and you’re going to see a lot more projects coming up."
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