Study shows KY grad rates among highest in nation

Earlier this year, Johns Hopkins University’s Everyone Graduates Center issued a report showing increased high school graduation rates nationwide – but the report shows particularly good news for Kentucky.
Kentucky is now reportedly among the nation’s leaders in closing the high school graduation gap for low-income students, despite a statewide poverty rate that remains above average.
With a graduation rate of 87.5 reported for the 2015-16 academic year, Kentucky is one of only six states in the union showing graduation rates for low-income students above the national average of 82.3 percent.
“Over the last 25 years, citizens of all political stripes have built and sustained a culture and climate that are truly committed to achieving educational opportunity and advancement for all of Kentucky’s children, of all income levels,” said Joanna Hornig Fox, author of For All Kids, How Kentucky is Closing the High School Graduation Gap for Low-Income Students.
“The next challenge for Kentucky is to build on the same civic will to do the same for postsecondary education, building the state’s economy and the quality of individuals’ lives,” the author said.
Read the full NKY Tribune article here.
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